The first presentation december

No written language anymore

writen language is use to
keep memory

Idea: a future world a 1000 years from now without writen language.
All knowlegde is provided into the brain by CIID a Connected Information Identity Device that works in combination with a contact lense and a chip.

Money is replaced by time that is the new currency.

Identities (personal CIID) are defined by the choices that individual people make.


CIID sketches about the product M
device that is divided in three parts (show sketches) personal informations, topics you can chose, sharing with others

How the update works ? It copies informations from the data community into the chip

Example of exchanging knowledge.

You can take topic at its basis - than develop it - than put it on the CIID to share with others - everyone can develop knowledge and put it on the CIID that makes the system evoluate

Everyone got the birth kit containing the CIID, the chip, and the contact lense.
Your CIID = your identity, you can customize it

Show example of one CIID’s person - different CIID

Show the CIID in environment (like atm) K , artificial nature, more green space (no more work building , more clean) explaining the system of exchange time 20h/week social work exchange with public services time, sketches
Show the CIID in personal space, experience as showing pictures holidays - teleportation example of exchange city travel, other example excahnge skills between two people, S - Show how the lense projection works
The kit CIID, manual contents the new LAW 1.knowledge, 2.topics 3.ciid 4. Sharing knowledge 5.Criminal behaviour, chip, contact lense , different personal CIID which are customized, M

Human appearance K how the chip is placed

For the exhibition explanations - write 6 scenarios of person life

presentation of different CIID bowls of different identities showing their life
different stories
through each CIID the concept is explained through profile , define each parameters

Parameters of the profile. QR code on each CIID than hear sound of the story : "I'm blablabla" recording

1 birth kit CIID not personnal yet - explanations how it works
2 environement - architect
3 old - thow many changes you can get - topics
4 law - criminal behavior - disease - experience room try to hack the CIID
5 update - teenager downoading the topics
6 example of projection - a journalist - how the contact lense work

2 each


just give one example of one CIID

voice recorded on each CIID, Qr code
write each story
draw person, or animation, not real people
3D printing CIID